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Solar Drainage Pumps

Pumping drainage water with solar power

We have easy to install Solar Lift Station kits from 1/2HP up to 5HP. We can provide solar systems to run pumps up over 10HP. The system sizes below are normal stocking items.

  • 1/2HP, 120-230gpm
  • 1HP, 150-300gpm
  • 2HP, 200-525gpm
  • 3HP, 275-525gpm
  • 5HP, 575-1000gpm

*Flow varies based on impeller size and total dynamic head 

Carry Pumps CP04 Axial Curves

Carry Pumps CP06 Axial Curves

Easy to install kits

We put together solar water pumping kits that can be installed by contractors and farmers. The pump controllers are pre-wired so installation is simple in the field.

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