Licensed, Certified, and Insured

Providing energy systems services in Michigan

Power Generation Equipment Services

10kW to 2MW Power Systems


Preventative maintenance agreements are built and customized to our customers specific needs. 

Call us for general or custom pricing today!

Emergency Repair

ESS offers 24/7/365 emergency repair services. 

Electrical and Mechanical Repair/Troubleshooting

ESS can troubleshoot and repair electrical and mechanical systems on engines, generators, switchgear, and automatic transfer switches. 

New Generator Sales - 12kW to 600kW - Prime and Standby Power

Generac Power Products

- New generator sales and installation up to 150kW.

- Portable Generators up to 17.5kW.

- Power Washers


Gillette Generators

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-New generator sales and installation up to 600kW

-Quality brushless rotating field alternators wound in Elkhart Indiana. 

-3 year limited warranty

-Engine options: Subaru, PSI, John Deere, and MTU engines

-Portable rugged jobsite generators (5.5-12.5kW)

-Residential standby generators (12 and 18kW)

-Commercial dry fuel standby (25-425kW)

-Industrial diesel standby (30-600kW)

-Prime power gas generators available (25-350kW)