Licensed, Certified, and Insured

Providing energy systems services in Michigan

Anaerobic Digester Operation and Maintenance

Biogas Engine Maintenance

ESS offers troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair solutions for all types of biogas engines and power generation equipment.

Anaerobic Digester Operation

ESS offers a variety of services to the operations side of AD plants. We can lead plant operations teams, provide customized training, or provide consultation and process engineering from substrate processing to digestate separation. 

Anaerobic Digester Maintenance

ESS can assist and/or train plant maintenance technicians in all aspects of AD plant maintenance. 

  • Substrate processing equipment (pumps, grinders, macerators, screw and conveyance systems). 
  • Tank mixing systems
  • Spiral and plate exchangers
  • PLC, HMI and electronic control systems
  • Biogas and H2S scrubbing equipment
  • Biogas storage and waste gas flaring systems
  • Duel fuel water tube boilers and hydronic systems
  • Biogas engine/genset systems
  • Digestate seperation equipment (decanters, centrifuges, and rotary screens)
  • Computerized maintenance managment systems (CMMS)
  • Parts procurement and purchasing

Anaerobic Digestion Resource Links

General Industry

- American Biogas Council:

- List of U.S. Digesters by State: Click to open file 

Gas Engine and Genset Manufacturers

- GE Distributed Power (Jenbacher and Waukesha Gas Engines):

- Caterpillar Gas Gensets:

- MTU onsite energy Gas Gensets:

Substrate Processing Equipment

- Boerger GmbH:

- Netzsch Pumps North America LLC:

- JWC Environmental:

- Seepex GmbH: