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Solar Pumping Systems

We can design and install many types and sizes of solar water pumping systems.

These systems are most commonly used for remote livestock watering, well pumps, crop irrigation, and waste/ground water pumping. 

A solar pumping system can reduce subsurface drainage management costs. A durable pumping system can save running long tile mains and reduce dependency on County drain maintenance. 


Our PV direct solar pumping systems are very durable. They do not use batteries. The PV array directly powers a pump controller that will drive single or three phase AC pump motors.


-A 100gpm (45,000GPD) system costs about $4800 installed

-A 170gpm (70,000GPD) system costs about $6000 installed

Solar water pumps have an almost endless capacity. If you would like to visit an installed system or have a new system quoted please contact Jamie (231) 923-6186 or [email protected]

Pond Aerating Systems

Contact us for quotes on installing solar powered pond aeration and fountain systems (231) 923-6186

Off Grid DC Solar Systems

We have installed off grid solar systems for remote homes and businesses. Call for more information (231) 923-6186

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